About Villa Cemita

Located in the heart of the East village, ripples an ambiance of romantic, rustic decor with urban graffiti artwork, capturing the feel of Mexican culture. Villa Cemita represents a dynamic culinary destination in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood.

Villa Cemita reflects chef and owner Alejandra Aco’s overall vision of authentic Mexican cuisine. Her Evolving expertise of the fusion of the culinary traditions of Mexico‚Äôs colonial period (16th century), outside influences including Spanish, French, and Arabic, prepared with indigenous ingredients that could only come from Puebla.

Chef Alejandra Aco

In 1998, Alejandra Aco left the Mexican state of Puebla and with her five- and six-year-old children immigrated. Aco was sure she would succeed in New York City as a successful businesswoman; Almost two decades later she can say that she has achieved it.

“We arrived empty-handed, but with a heart full of dreams,” Chef Aco opened Villa Cemita with the purpose of offering the authentic Poblano gastronomy to its compatriots and educating non-Mexicans about ancestral recipes, such as the nopal salad, made with the pre-Hispanic ingredient “Tequesquite”, a natural mineral that retains the color of the food. Cemita poblana, a kind of cold sandwich made with sesame bread, is one of the most popular dishes among customers of the East Village.

Art by FLORE

Strip away these filters society places on our lives and these habits we get stuck in, the rules we blindly follow, and the stereotypes we subconsciously subscribe to.. I see things simple not allowing myself to get lost in the monotonous pattern of life. These hi-def, multi-colored filters, or distractions, can mask reality; i deconstruct and expose those layer’s for what they really are, not just what they seem. Sketches of mad man, me just being me,being obsessive and crazy over perfecting my craft so i paint mad with intent, mad with passion and persistence, seeking balance and growth.